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George Floyd

The brutal killing of George Floyd, who was black, by police officers in Minneapolis, has caused revulsion around much of the world.

One of the many good consequences has been a focus on black lives, black history and the horror of slavery.  In Ireland there has been a new, welcome and long overdue examination of conscience about Irish attitudes to our black sisters and brothers.

Joe Duffy's RTE Liveline radio programme has highlighted the hidden racism that exists here.  Young and old Irish black people have given their  testimony publicly that they have been subjected to racial bullying here over many years. People who are of mixed race origin or of a different colour of any kind have been similarly bullied. The truth is out. There is no hiding now. Something can be done.  There is hope in the air.

Let it be clear: racial bullying should be condemned in Ireland whether the victim is Irish or not.  Racial bullying is wrong because bullying of all human beings is wrong. Because racial bullying has been so bad and so hidden here. it is right to highlight it now as a major problem on any anti-bullying site. Just as it was right to highlight homophobic bullying in 2013 for the same reasons.

Although I am far from the class room for many years I have a strong belief that the new Procedures introduced in 2013, instead of helping to eradicate bulllying in Irish schools, may have done the opposite. One small indication for me was the reaction to this site by victims: From 2000 to 2012 there was an average of over 20 requests annually for help to this site from victims of bullying. In 2011 that figure was 32, in 2012 it was 29. Then came the new Procedures and the number from then onwards was zero! Requests came instead from students for help with their Transition Year projects or requests for a speaker.  But no victims!

Had the bullying disapeared? I don't think so. Instead it has been stifled.

Now might be as good a time as any to reopen this site. Because of a long absence, I have re-structured some of the material. George Floyd may never have heard of you or me but his death has yet another unexpected consequece however minor:  Anti-Bullying Ireland has come back to life and maybe, just maybe, even one child who has been bullied in Ireland for any reason whatsoever may be saved from that bullying from now onwards.

Respect to his memory always.




This is a free Service


My name is Justin Morahan and my immediate goal is to stop bullying in Irish schools.

This site offers three items:

  1. A method to discover and prevent bullying that has been tested in an Irish school.  This is the Box and Interview Method.
  2. Advice for parents, students, teachers and management on how to deal with bullying in the Irish context.
  3. Active help for all of the above groups or individuals in trying to stop bullying.



This method is recommended as a means to end bullying of students or staff without the victim having to make a complaint.

I also recommend it to school managers and Principals for use in the schools where they have a responsibility to prevent bullying.

The Box and Interview Method can be viewed here

e-mail: justinmorahan@gmail.com



In the absence of legislation on bullying in schools the old and excellent Guidelines to Prevent Bullying, issued by the Department of Education and Science in 1983, now enhanced and modified in the New Procedures published in September 2013, are our main resources in Ireland

Based on these, and on experience, there is a section here called:

Steps for a victim to take


e-mail: justinmorahan@gmail.com



I welcome contacts from victims, their parents or families and offer my help and support    free of charge

The active help will of necessity be limited and may take the form of e-mailing, meeting victims with their parents, writing to schools, occasionally visiting schools etc

e-mail: justinmorahan@gmail.com


Más mian leat Gaeilge a úsáid, beidh fáilte romhat


Update 2013 news

Box and Interview Method may be used by schools under New Procedures

In response to a query to the Department re THE BOX AND INTERVIEW METHOD  I received the following trply:

The anti-bullying procedures state that each school must decide on the intervention method that is best suited to its own requirements. As you will understand, given the complexity of bullying behaviour it is generally acknowledged that that no one intervention works in all situations.

In identifying the most suitable intervention method(s) for a particular school, it is important to research and understand both the techniques of intervention involved and the assumptions and rationale of particular methods. Accordingly, it is a matter for each school to research, understand and decide on the intervention method(s) that are best suited to its own circumstances.

There is nothing in the anti-bullying procedures to preclude a school from considering the Box and Interview method which you reference


The New Procedures can be viewed by clicking here.



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