A free Service - What it means


(Note: This site has to do with bullying at school, not workplace bullying, although it is accepted that workplace bullying is very often the result of bullying at school)

  1. If victims or their parents ask for e-mail advice re a particular case of bullying, I send the advice, as much as is desired, and as much as I can, without any charge.
  2. If the victims or parents want an interview at a place suitable to us both, I meet them, free of charge.  If I must travel a long distance to the meeting,  if I travel by bus or train there is no charge.  If I must use a car, I would appreciate petrol expenses.
  3. If parents' groups or other groups ask me to talk to them, I do so free of charge.  If I travel a long distance, I would appreciate travel expenses.
  4. If a school invites me to talk to staff or students (when I am able) I will do so free of charge.  (See No 3 re expenses). This might be a demo on the Box and Interview method or a general talk on bullying .
  5. I also accompany parents to meetings with Principal or Board of Management where desired and acceptable.  This is also a free service.

Why a free service?


  • I want no child, poor or rich, to be left behind
  • I am not into this work for profit
  • I want bullying in schools to stop