Commendations and Opinions


"One simple technique that should be common practice in all our schools is the Box and Interview method. Once a week, every pupil is asked to fill in and sign a form answering three simple questions: during the past week, have you been bullied; do you know of anybody in the class who has been bullied; do you know of anybody in the school who has been bullied?  The forms are dropped into a locked box, examined by volunteer teachers and the results passed on in confidence to a nominated anti-bullying co-ordinator. Substantive complaints are then investigated by interviewing victims, bullies, parents and other students. Crucially, children who don’t fill in the form are interviewed as well..."

(Brenda Power, Sunday Times, 12 February 2006)


"Essentialy I would be supportive of the features as you have outlined and if schools were to adopt the elements that you outline they would undoubtedly prevent and reduce incidents of bullying."

Dr Mona O' Moore, Trinity College 25 April 2007


"The work you are doing is of tremendous importance. Your method appears to be well considered and well thought out in its execution for the most part, but I feel that many schools in their short-sightedness, will too readily assume that it is unwieldy and time-consuming and many teachers will quickly suspect that there are fatal flaws in the latter stages or so it seems in your description of the B&IMethod."

(former teacher and Year head, England)


"I loved the information on your site – just common sense.  If you would like, I’ll link your website on my two websites."

Brenda (mother of Jared who committed suicide as a result of bullying (Jared’s mom) (Director) (USA)


"I was looking over your site and see things that I wish I'd known many many months ago under your 'signs' of bullying"

(Mother of a 15 year-old girl  who committed suicide because of bullying, USA)


"Since you began talking about the Box and Interview Method in the class rooms this morning, five serious cases of bullying have ben reported to me"

Principal, Post-Primary School, Co Dublin


"Many thanks for calling down last week and giving your talk.  Children have responded very positively to its content."

Principal of Primary School, Co Waterford.