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The Department of Education and Skills has issued new Procedures re bullying in schools

As a result, this website will be monitored, by me to ensure that there is no conflict between this site and the new Procedures.

In response to a query to the Department of Education and Skills re the Box and Interview Method I received the following reply from Governance section:

The anti-bullying procedures state that each school must decide on the intervention method that is best suited to its own requirements. As you will understand, given the complexity of bullying behaviour it is generally acknowledged that that no one intervention works in all situations.

In identifying the most suitable intervention method(s) for a particular school, it is important to research and understand both the techniques of intervention involved and the assumptions and rationale of particular methods. Accordingly, it is a matter for each school to research, understand and decide on the intervention method(s) that are best suited to its own circumstances.

There is nothing in the anti-bullying procedures to preclude a school from considering the Box and Interview method which you reference


The new Procedures can be viewed by clicking here.